Winter Prints Double Knit Colour 283 (2 x 150g Packet)

R90.00 per 300g packet

This is a one time offer that will not be repeated. Yarn is sold as is.

– No returns, or exchanges
– No lot numbers
– No official colour numbers
– No repeats
– Please order enough for your project
– No guarantee of yarn weight or thickness
– Ball band information may not be accurate. Weight may be more of less than product we list
– Ball weight is approximate. Where ball weight varies, approximate packet weight is specified
– Colours are not guaranteed. Photos and descriptions are only a guideline
– Quantity of yarn is specified per product
– No splitting of packets
– No needle or hook recommendations on label.
– 4Ply – 3mm Needle or Hook
– Double Knit – 4mm Needle or Hook
– Aran – 5mm Needle or Hook
– Chunky – 6mm Needle or Hook
– Super Chunky – 9mm Needle or Hook

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