Help Me Get Started

The Help Me Get Started tool is used to calculate how much yarn is required for your next project. 

Specify what you’d like to make, how thick of a yarn you’d like to use, your colours and if you will be knitting or crocheting, and your very own personal online shopping assistant will handle the rest.

Decide What You Want To Make

Step 1 involves choosing from a predefined project, or entering the required meterage from a pattern you have in mind.

Choose your Yarn Weight

Step 2 involves selecting your preferred yarn weight. For now, you can choose from Double Knit, Aran and Chunky yarn.

Choose your Favorite Colours

Step 3 involves choosing the colours you'd like to work your project in. Choose from 1 to as many as 10 colours.

Choose your Favorite Colours

Step 4 involves specifying if you're going to knit or crochet this pattern. This helps us display the correct hardware.

  What are you making?

Choose from a predefined project or enter in your own meterage from a pattern you would like to start.

Single Bed Blanket

Double Bed Blanket





Afghan (1m x 1m)

My Own Pattern

  Yarn Weight

  Choose Your Colour