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Get on board to knit or crochet a twiddle muff for charity

There are people who knit and crochet for fun and then there are those who do it to help others.

Staff and management at the Craft Shop, together with the Wool Shoppe in Van Riebeeck Park, are among those who are not only passionate about knitting and crocheting but also do it to better people’s lives.

The two shops have again embarked on another campaign, the Twiddle Muff Campaign.

A twiddle muff is a knitted, crocheted or fabric tube with accessories such as ribbons and buttons sewn on to them. This allows for the person’s hands to stay warm while they are able to twiddle with the bits and pieces.

“People with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and others with autism often have cold hands and tend to rub and scratch their hands a lot which makes their skin raw,” said Wool Shoppe’s Cynthia Long.

“With a twiddle muff, they can fiddle and twiddle with the pieces on the muff that also keeps their hands warm.”

Twiddle muffs help to ease agitation and calm a person’s mood, as they can keep their hands and minds occupied.

The campaign aims to collect 1 000 twiddle muffs by March next year and donate them to various homes.

“We appeal to the community to be part of this initiative,” said Cynthia.

“People are welcome to knit or crochet as much as they wish. There is no specific pattern, but it is all about the texture so the people using them can feel the different textures and patterns. What is also nice is people can use their scraps to put together a twiddle muff, one must just be creative and see what you can put together to make a nice twiddle muff.”

The initiative was inspired by Cynthia’s business partner Mark Long.

“Mark’s mother suffered from Alzheimer’s before she died, which is one of the reason’s we were motivated to do this,” said Cynthia. “People can get in touch if they need help with patterns or anything else.”

People can drop off the twiddle muffs at the Wool Shoppe or Craft Shop.

For more information or to donate, contact Cynthia on 011 976 0146.


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Knit or crochet a scarf for charity

Staff and management at the Wool Shoppe and the Craft Shop in Van Riebeeck Park are not only passionate about crocheting and the skill of crafting but also about giving back to the community.

The two shops are running a charity scarf drive with the aim to donate scarves to those in need.

“We want to get 1 000 scarves by the end of May,” said Wool Shoppe’s Cynthia Long.

“The drive is already underway and thus far we have 70 scarves.”

The Craft Shop is under new management but already embarking on a charity drive.

“My son Jarryd Long (22) took over the Craft Shop and they are on board with the drive as giving back is very close to our hearts,” said Cynthia.

“A group of women come to the shop every Wednesday morning to do their projects. They also help with the scarves. We might add blankets but we will decide on that as time goes on and it also depends on what is handed in.

“We invite people to join this initiative to help us reach our goal and if we can get more than 1 000 scarves, that would be even better. People who can’t knit or crochet are also welcome to donate wool and those who can, are welcome to make a scarf.”

They do not expect any fancy scarves, just as long as it keeps somebody warm.

“There are a lot of easy patterns you can use while watching television. People can drop of their scarves at the Wool Shoppe or Craft Shop.

“We don’t have a specific home or organisation where we will distribute the scarves but if a home needs some, they must let us know.”

Cynthia said the initiative was inspired by the work they did last year.

“Last year, we helped a company with blankets for their 67 minutes for Mandela Day, so we thought of doing our own thing and keep it local,” she said.

“I also know what it is like not to have so I want to assist wherever possible.”

For more information or to donate, contact Cynthia on 011 976 0146 or 072 110 9004.


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The Wool Shoppe crochets 67 blankets in Edleen

A GROUP of 14 locals worked tirelessly at The Wool Shoppe to knit 67 blankets for Mandela’s children.

A company called GolfData joined forces with the volunteers by sponsoring them with wool from the Edleen store so they could all share the joy of giving to those in need, come Mandela Day.

The women completed the first 23 blankets on April 23, and the last 44 on June 14, and handed them over to Maria Mabasa who represented GolfData.

“As GolfData we are very excited to have partnered with the local women and they have produced thick and beautiful blankets. Our involvement was encouraged by Caroline Steyn, who is the ambassador of the initiative. We have a working relationship with her and she encouraged us to participate, and we are proud to have done our bit,” said Maria Mabasa.

Cynthia Long from the store said she was very proud of what the local women had done for the children who would receive the blankets. “I can honestly say this has been an exciting initiative that we enjoyed and fulfilled with joy.

“There are not a lot of people that can still knit these days but we encourage more companies to sponsor the wool and we will knit and help them donate clothing and beanies to charity homes of their choice,” she said.

People and companies wishing to sponsor wool to be used to make items for those in need can contact Cynthia Long on 011 394 0505 or 072 110 9004.